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Aromatic oils have been a part of human history for more than 8,000 years and have been used from many different civilisations through the years, ranging from religious ritual, food flavouring, medicines, perfumery, and the masking of bad odours. Plants and herbs always played an important role for the humanity and the animal kingdom.

Many therapeutic herbs have been discovered by coincidence. When burnt in a fire pit the herbs released different scents and when inhaled, the behaviour of the individuals changed into various moods.

Some others have also discovered with their instinctive knowledge that by eating certain herbs they cured themselves when they have certain illnesses.

Such knowledge has been passed on to succeeding generations as part of a verbal tradition, eventually becoming the herbal medicine that we recognise today, and out of which aromatherapy developed.

At the early 1940s the first pill was created and many people in the modern world were prescribed pills, which was good but having also a lot of side effects due to their chemicals which were produced into drugs.

This is where Ayurvedic medicine and Aromatherapy is always a good option for our daily healthy lives. Nature gives us all what we need in order to keep our immune system healthy and control our daily stresses, curing many types of diseases and  by having the right guidance how to use oils and herbs.

What we need to keep in mind is that humans carry plant DNA so where is the cure?

How to choose the right oil!

Essential oils extracted purely via a distillation process either from the flower, bark, leaves, roots, rhizomes, or stem but by not going to deep in the subject there are important guidelines which you need to follow before buying your essential oils.

Essential oils are not fragrances, and it is important not to get confused between both. Fragrances can be partially or fully synthetic, which both have different uses. Fragrances are mostly used in shampoos, liquid detergents, soaps, candles, and cosmetics too, because are cheaper to produce and they do not have any therapeutic effect but some fragrances can´t be produced via essential oils only.

Essential oils

Essential oils are Extracted from naturally from plants and there are different key points which you need to know before making the right choice which are listed below:



Non – Gmo



When we say driven form, natural plants means that there is no synthetic or chemical process, and the plants trees can be in the wild or cultivated in fields which is good but then there is also and other anchor which is organic.


Organic means that the herbs, plants, trees or flowers which the essential oils is produced are not treated with and pesticides or synthetic fertilizers but are grown in a natural way by using organic treatments which this requires a lot of investment, time a also effects the price at least by 30%. Organic essential oils are much stronger in their therapeutic effects and most of the times You would need to use 50% less compared to a natural oil when diluting.

Non – Gmo

One specific concern is the possibility for GMOs to negatively affect human health. This could result from differences in nutritional content, allergic response, or undesired side effects such as toxicity, organ damage, or gene transfer and therefore you need to make sure that the product is not driven form GMO plants.


Some oils which are cheaper in the price compared to other essential oils might be already diluted with another carrier oil. This does not mean that cheaper oils are not good, but their effect is less and you need to use bigger %, so far it is always suggested to use pure oils and dilute them according to your needs.

Health benefits

There is an unlimited number of health benefits when using essential oils, some of them for instance can help in the immune system, headaches, depression, anxiety, eczema, respiratory infections, sinus, enhancing the libido, muscular pain release, insomnia, skin anti-aging, sanitary, period pains, hair growth and much more.

Hereunder is the link which can be useful from the IFA

Our Oils

Our oils are driven from the best qualified farmers around the world and we have our own Blends which are Covid Emotional Relief, Mood Lifter, Romantic Drive, Charge me up, Deep sleep, Visualisation and Air Purifier every essential oil is tried tested and used by us before introducing them in the market, but You should always use the right guidance an test the oil to make sure that you do not have any allergic reaction to specific oils..